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RSA Travel Requirements - Effective Immediately

Councils should be aware of this requirement for travel that is now being required by the Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA).  States are interpreting this in different ways and you should talk to your Designated State Unit (DSU) as to how your Council should proceed prior to paying any travel costs. This includes all in state and out of state travel. Council meeting, committee meetings, conferences and any travel expenses incurred by the Council must be PRIOR APPROVED.  It is our understanding that you may submit total projected travel expenses through the end of Federal Fiscal Year 2019 to your DSU to submit to RSA. 

Authority: 2 CFR 200.407 Prior Written Approval


To ensure compliance with Federal statutes, regulations and policies by implementing a process to determine which costs need prior approval and ensuring all grant requirements are met.

Under any given Federal award, the reasonableness and allocability of certain items of costs may be difficult to determine.  To avoid subsequent disallowance or dispute based on unreasonableness or non allocability, effective immediately, WVDRS’ vocational rehabilitation program will request written approval from the Rehabilitation Services Administration prior to incurring indirect costs or special or unusual costs paid by the program. Items covered include:

200.456 - Participant Support Costs

Participant support costs are not applicable to employees of the Federal government, VR agency, or VR consumers.  Direct costs for items such as stipends or subsistence allowances, travel allowances, and registration fees paid to or on behalf of participants or trainees (but not employees) in connection with conferences, or training projects.  These costs would typically include conferences and all associated travel/lodging/meal costs for the State Rehabilitation Council members or unpaid interns.